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Time is money, but we sometimes fail to manage it to our benefit. Meetings at work start to lose the effect, because we throw | arrange | stage | meet too many of them.

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  • Time is money, but we sometimes fail to manage it to our benefit. Meetings at work start to lose the effect, because we too many of them. People should be able to their responsibilities on their own without consulting every decision with their colleagues or management. Meetings should be taken seriously and everyone should prepare to talk not only about the points for the , but also bring their own ideas. When you lead a meeting, you should be quick and to the point. Your goal is to make a decision and it is said that the best leader can make 30 decisions in 30 minutes. If you are having trouble making your meetings productive, we´ll give you few tips how to lead it. First of all, a meeting only when you have a reason and clear vision that you can work it out together - don´t do it just for update. Second of all, your agenda should be focused on a problem or enabling an opportunity. With your insight or insight of your colleagues you might be able to cut or increase revenue, so make sure you send the list of topic you´re planning to discuss to your colleagues in time. You should also make sure there´s no doubt that everyone knows what you´re from them at the meeting. And most importantly, think about how each participant can benefit from it and remember that everyone has already a lot work on his/her own plate. At the end ask all participants to comment on the meeting or to give other recommendation to get . When it is over, you should make a list of the decisions and people who help you make them, so you´d understand how effective you were. If you stick to these , you will become more productive and get on track to building a high-performance team.

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