Language (Course) Levels

Beginner (A1)

I haven’t studied this language before, or it’s been so long that I want to start again.Show A1 courses

Pre-Intermediate (A2)

I have finished the first textbook, I remember something. I can put together a simple, logical sentence. I can reply haltingly if somebody asks me a question.Show A2 courses

Intermediate (B1)

I can speak about basic things such as work, family and school. I can ask simple questions. I can write an e-mail to arrange accommodation for vacation, and read the reply.Show B1 courses

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

I can speak with a native speaker about everyday situations. I can ask supplementary questions, explain details and express disagreement. I am not afraid to speak.Show B2 courses

Advanced (C1)

I feel I understand the key aspects of the language. I would like to expand my vocabulary and perfect my grammar. I would like to speak to a native speaker and discuss my errors with them.Show C1 courses