City camp with English for children aged 12-14

At the weekly day camp, older children will find new friends and speak English from morning until evening thanks to the full-day presence of native speakers.

Stále můžete děti přihlašovat na probíhající příměstské tábory s angličtinou. Na e-shopu najdete tábory s rodilými mluvčími pro malé i velké školáky či letní kurzy pro středoškoláky.

A week of fun and study with native speakers

Native speaker

9 hours of English per day with a native speaker

Experience-based English

Fun afternoon program in English outside the classroom

Method for children

Young Learners method which is fun for children

8-12 children in the group

We know how important it is for each child to have enough space

Morning lessons, afternoon fun program outside the classroom

What do you need to know?

  • 9 hours of English per day with a native speaker
  • Children arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 a.m.
  • Departure at 5:00 p.m.

The price is CZK 6,950 per week

The course price includes:

  • 45 hours of English with a native speaker
  • Auxiliary program for 5 afternoons including admissions
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks, study materials

Get a 400 CZK discount

  • Sign up a sibling or recommend a friend
  • The 400 CZK discount also applies to last year’s participants

5 fun afternoons outside of class

  • Stretch in the jump park
  • Practice perfect aim at bowling
  • Picnic in the park with roller skates and frisbees
  • Home cinema with The Avengers and popcorn
  • Action laser game

Who are our teachers?

Thomas, USA

Children love him for his straightforward and friendly approach.


Mo knows how to motivate children to work.


Sharron, GB

At camp with Sharron, children won’t even realise that they are learning.

Marinello, Mitch_300

Mitch, USA

Smaller and larger students admire Mitch’s energy and enthusiasm.


Jenna, USA

Jenna is great at combining games with learning new words.

Amanda Taylor

Amanda, USA

Amanda will get even shy beginners talking with her patient approach.

Children and parents are happy with us

My daughter attended the summer language city camp and was very satisfied, not only with the lessons, but also with the varied afternoon program. She was very impressed with the American tutor Mo, who was always chatting with them and was very friendly. I'm quite sure my daughter will consider spending a week with you again next year.

Lenka, on behalf of her daughter Lucy

In summer, my son attended the city camp and despite his initial shyness, he quickly settled in and really enjoyed the camp, especially thanks to the fun afternoon activities. There were children of a similar age and language level in the group, so he fit in very well.

On behalf of Lukáš, his mother Lenka

“During the week when our daughter Berta attended this camp, we hear her speaking English more than ever. She learned more words in a week than during two years of English at primary school. Maybe because it was all done in the form of games and activities. The children spent the mornings in class, but every day right after lunch they had a great program. And they spoke English all the time.”

On behalf of Berta, her mother Alice (read the full review on her blog)

Frequently asked questions

Choose the camp based on age category and location in the e-shop. You can pay directly by card, or receive instructions for wire transfer. We will then send you a link to the electronic application form, where you provide detailed information about the camper, including their experience with English to date and any health/dietary restrictions.

Last year, most of our camps were full by early June. Therefore, we recommend signing them up several months in advance to have a choice of dates and locations. Last minute orders are possible, but you will have to adapt to the available dates.

For children from beginners to intermediate (A0 to B1 according to the European reference framework). Lessons are adapted to various levels, the children help each other and because of the presence of a native speaker, even more advanced students will improve their English.

We have arrangements with restaurants near the classrooms, where we go for lunch. Lunch includes a soup, main course and drink.

All the admissions are included in the camp price. If you want to give children allowance, we recommend maximally CZK 100.

All of the city camp teachers teach for us in the course of the school year, so we know them all well. We choose native speakers that will appeal to children. The age average is around 26 years, and most of them are from the USA, Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Apart from the age limits, the content of the morning lessons, afternoon activities and teachers differ substantially. While a Czech camp leader is available throughout the day just in case for the 7-11 age camp, the camps for older children only have native speakers, so the teenagers are obliged to communicate entirely in English.

It depends on the child’s maturity, but we would recommend the camp for older children, meaning 12-14. In general, the camps for the 7-11 age category are designed for first level pupils. Children who have finished fifth grade will feel better at camps for teenagers (12-14).

Tereza (CZ), English and Korean lecturer

Book a camp

Choose your location and date and then click on the link to see the e-shop details.

ANDĚL – příměstské tábory s angličtinou, léto 2021

Na Bělidle 625/28, Metro trasa B, Anděl (3 min. pěšky od zastávky). Prohlédnout na mapě

FLORENC – příměstské tábory s angličtinou, léto 2021

Ke Štvanici 4, Metro trasa B a C, Florenc (minutu pěšky od zastávky). Prohlédnout na mapě

HRADČANSKÁ – příměstské tábory s angličtinou, léto 2021

Badeniho 1, Metro trasa A, Hradčanská (minutu pěšky od zastávky). Prohlédnout na mapě

KOBYLISY – příměstské tábory s angličtinou, léto 2021

Trojská 46/8, Metro trasa C, Kobylisy (5 min. pěšky od zastávky). Prohlédnout na mapě

NÁMĚSTÍ MÍRU – příměstské tábory s angličtinou, léto 2021

nám. Míru 15, Metro trasa A, Nám. Míru (1 min. pěšky od zastávky). Prohlédnout na mapě

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In addition to city camps, we also organize other courses for children.

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