Language lessons from home and tutoring

With us, your children will become assertive and speak a foreign language without fear or shyness. Both the home setting and especially our excellent teachers will help with this.

Choose a course based on your child’s needs

Before starting the course, we will go through your requirements and expectations, and on this basis choose:

  • a Czech teacher or native speaker,
  • other requirements regarding the teacher,
  • the place, date and time of lessons,
  • lesson content and teaching style

How does it work?

We teach smaller children using indirect teaching, game play, frequent repetition and multi-sensory learning using our own method, with which we have achieved better results than with the classic school method with words as elements.

When tutoring school children, we use the material they teach at school, and add our own materials and methods based on individual need.

Tutoring most often takes place in the afternoon and evening hours, which is why we also recommend adding games and multi-sensory learning, which improve the children’s ability to focus on the lesson.

How to start a course

  1. Complete the form.
  2. We will specify the requirements together.
  3. We will send you a customised offer.
  4. We will recommend a suitable teacher.
  5. You pay for the first lesson.
  6. Tutoring can start within 1-2 weeks.
  7. We will keep track of your satisfaction.

Our tip

You can order lessons from home and tutoring individually or as a course for a small group of children.

Ask us for a price offer, we will respond immediately.

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