Czech for foreigners

Our Czech for foreigners courses will prepare you for the A2 level of Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE) in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic. In more advanced lessons you will improve your knowledge of grammar, pronunciation and spelling.

  • Comprehensible and entertaining study
  • Preparation for routine everyday conversations
  • 9 locations in Prague near metro stations

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Czech language courses for everybody

CourseLessonsDay and TimeDateLocationPrice
Czech for foreigners - pre-intermediate III.30We, 19:00-20:3028/02/-19/06/NÁM. MÍRU - Slezská5,100 CZK
Czech for foreigners - Elementary32Th, 17:00-18:3029/02/-13/06/NÁM. MÍRU - Slezská5,450 CZK

Classrooms on 9 places in Prague

Choose a location close to your place of work or home. Thanks to our 9 clasrooms, which are strategically distributed close to busy metro stations, you won’t spent endles hours comuting ever again.

Classroom Anděl

Na Bělidle 28, Metro B, Anděl (3 min by feet from the station)

view on the map

Viktora Huga 6 (5 min. by feet from the metro station or 2 min. from the station Arbesovo nám.)

view on the map


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Classroom Budějovická

Pacovská 31, Metro C, Budějovická (1 min by feet from the station)

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Classrooms Dejvická

nám. Na Santince 2, 160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice (clasrooms are right next to the bus station Na Santince – bus number 131)

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Classroom Florenc

Ke Štvanici 4, Praha 8, Metro B, C, Florenc (1 min by feet from the station)

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Classroom Hradčanská

 Badeniho 1, Metro A, Hradčanská (1 min by feet from the station)

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Classroom Nám. Míru

nám. Míru 15, Metro A, Nám. Míru (1 min by feet from the station)

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Classroom Nám. Míru – Slezská

Slezská 1, Metro A, Nám. Míru (1 min by feet from the station)

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Classroom Vysočanská

Kolbenova 1, Metro B, Vysočanská (1 min by feet from the station)

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Take our language level test. Once you are finish you will recieve an automatic email with the test evaluation, your language level and an overview of courses which will suit you the best. 

You can buy the textbook either in our language course e-shop or in our offices, which are located on nám. Míru 15 or on nám. Na Santince 2. We are here every work day from 8:30 till 17:00. If you order your textbook online, you have to collect it on our premises as well. Unfortunately, textbooks can’t be delivered directly to our classrooms.

Yes, you can! Look at the list of offered benefits and discounts and find out yours.

The name of the lecturer and his brief profile can be found at most of the courses in the course details below. It is always indicated whether he/she is a native speaker or a Czech lecturer.

There are two options.

  1. You have a discount voucher in the form of a code (eg “LS2015”). Go into the Cart, write it down in the Discount Code field and click on the red button “Use Discount Code”.
  2. You do not have a discount code but you are entitled to one according to  our list of benefits and discounts. Ask for a discount in the language courses e-shop in the order form (next step after the cart page). Use the Insert Note field to do this. We will contact you immediately and give you the discount. 

Yes! All courses on which you can click the Order button in the language course e-shop have vacancies and you can sign up for them.

The symbols “II.” and “III.” indicate courses that continue from the previous semester. If you register for this kind of course, you will not work with the textbook from the beginning. You can find out more info (as the language level or where you will start it the textbook) in the course syllabus. Syllabuses are available in the language courses e-shop in the details of the course.

Yes, first lecture may be a trial and so for free. Please, write “trial lecture” in the Insert Note field when ordering a course in the language course e-shop.  

Yes. It is possible to switch language course and it is for free. We open more than 100 courses every semester so you have a lot to choose from. 

By bank transfer (we will send you payment details after completing the order) or via on-line payment when purchasing in the language courses e-shop. Furthermore, in cash, by credit card or by vouchers (paper and electronic) in our offices (Náměstí Míru 15 or Na Santince 2). You can find the list of accepted benefits on the benefits and discounts page.

Tereza (CZE), English and Korean lecturer

What interests you most about studies?


Lessons are conducted by qualified teachers with experience in education. We choose our teachers carefully, work with them and continuously educate them. We know that students learn foreign languages better if they enjoy the lessons and look forward to them.

The basis of a good lesson is always a good teacher.

In the details of every language course in the e-shop, you will find the teacher that conducts the course. We provide their full name, a brief profile and information as to whether they are a native speaker or Czech teacher.

At present, we have about 300 teachers from 25 countries around the world on our team. Language studies can thus be an interesting cultural experience.

Our primary goal:

Teachers who will really TEACH YOU TO LOVE LANGUAGES.



We use modern textbooks for all our general language courses. For textbook courses, the course details in the e-shop feature a drop-down study curriculum broken down into individual weeks. This will help you determine whether the given course is right for you. You can also check the curriculum if you miss a lesson, to find out which material you should catch up on.

You can order and purchase course textbooks in the e-shop and at our office at Nám. Míru 15 or Náměstí Na Santince 2, always from Mon – Fri from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can pick up textbooks ordered via the e-shop at these two branches. The other branches only house classrooms without administrative services.

For conversation courses, we do not use textbooks and the discussed topics are agreed with the teacher at the start of the lesson.


Course Levels

Beginner (A1)

 I haven’t studied this language before, or it’s been so long that I want to start again.Show A1 courses

Elementary (A2)

I have finished the first textbook, I remember something. I can put together a simple, logical sentence. I can reply haltingly if somebody asks me a question.Show A2 courses

Intermediate (B1)

I can speak about basic things such as work, family and school. I can ask simple questions. I can write an e-mail to arrange accommodation for vacation, and read the reply.Show B1 courses

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

I can speak with a native speaker about everyday situations. I can ask supplementary questions, explain details and express disagreement. I am not afraid to speak.Show B2 courses

Advanced (C1)

I feel I understand the key aspects of the language. I would like to expand my vocabulary and perfect my grammar. I would like to speak to a native speaker and discuss my errors with them.Show C1 courses

Are you unsure of your level? Take a placement test that will indicate your level of progress.

Placement Tests

Use the online placement tests to determine your language level.

Once you complete the test, we will automatically send you an evaluation of the questions, the achieved language level and overview of courses corresponding to your skills. The test results are to a certain extent approximate, because the test only assesses grammar and vocabulary.

If the chosen course does not precisely correspond to your language level, you can switch to a different course free of charge at any time during the semester.

We will be happy to advise you in choosing a course based on your language level. The contact details are at the bottom of the page.

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Fill in our Czech placement test, to find out your level.