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Spevacek Language School was launched in October 2003 as a new venture of Agentura SPA, one of Prague's leading translation firms. The objective was providing the firm's partners with comprehensive services and assisting them in all language-related areas. Since the 2005/2006 school year, Spevacek Language School has been an independent entity.

Since the beginning, the school has been offering afternoon and evening courses for general public and specialized training programs for corporate clientele. Every student can select a course according to his/her proficiency and the required intensity of training.

Czech courses for foreigners

The school also offers Czech courses for foreigners. Instruction takes place in the pleasant atmosphere of easily accessible classrooms located in the Prague 2 district.


You can also create your own group with your friends, relatives or colleagues. Just chose a suitable time for the lessons and we book a teacher for you. The courses will take place according to your requirements in our classrooms or in a place of your choice. We also provide courses of 40 different foreign languages that can be taught in English.


The price remains the same as for one student and is divided between the students. A course can be held in our classrooms at nám. Míru 15 or in the place you choose. The course can be also held on weekends. Czech for foreigners can be taught in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Russian, ...


Individual courses are made up according to your wishes. You can choose time, place and frequency of the course, as well as its content: grammar, conversation, preparation for exams or some specialized vocabulary (technical, medical, business language etc.) If you are interested in an individual course, fill this form and we will send you more details via email.

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Interested in working for us?

We are looking for native speakers to join our team. Successful applicants should demonstrate:

  • teaching certificate and proven ability to teach,
  • teaching experience, and
  • flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in teaching languages at our school, just click here!